If you’re trying to build, evolve, or transform your brand image throughout various forms of communication, a creative director can help manage the process. If your website feels different than your brochure, or your TV spot doesn’t connect to your print ads, or your email campaign seems like it’s coming from a different company than your transit campaign, then you need someone to look at the whole and make sure the pieces are solidifying your brand, not fragmenting it. A creative director oversees all the people who are creating those pieces—designers, producers, art directors, writers— to make sure their work is consistent and good—good meaning relevant to your audience, fresh, and memorable. A creative director is the creative keeper of your brand, making sure that all your communications are on strategy and on brand. A really, really good creative director can even make sure your projects get done on time and on budget. It’s a big job, so get someone who knows what they’re doing. Hint. Hint.