I’m also interested in writing speeches, blogs, white papers, power point presentations, letters, and email campaigns. All of which I’ve done, and can provide examples, if you’d like. Pretty much anything you need written, I can write. In addition to writing, I can edit—if, for instance, you already have something written that just needs to be corrected grammatically and spruced up stylistically.

And then there’s strategic development, a crucial aspect of any project or campaign. You may already appreciate how much your strategic process benefits with a creative director’s involvement and perspective. Frankly, I cannot even begin to write something if the strategy is unclear, or worse, nonexistent. Strategy, in essence, explains what it is you’re selling, who exactly you’re selling it to, and why on earth should they care. It is the foundation from which effective communications spring. Jazz musician Winton Marsalis once said that before you can improvise intelligently, you have to know the rules. Well, strategy provides the rules from which creative riffs.