Bailey-Boushay House

Living with hope
Dying with dignity
Being cared for truly
With a compassion
And understanding
That enriches each day




COPY: People come to the Bailey-Boushay House with a host of challenges. Most have HIV/AIDS. Some are destitute, homeless, or alone. Others have mental illness or chemical dependencies. A few are near death.

Hopeless? Hardly.

Walk through our halls and you’ll see the experience here is quite the opposite. Our clients are cared for by a team of top-notch nurses, professionals and volunteers who are wholly dedicated to the understanding of each patient’s needs and desires.

It’s a level of care unparalleled in the industry, due in part to the highest staff-to-client ratio of any facility of this type. Anywhere.

Even the atmosphere is heartening. Artwork lines the walls, infusing the senses with a connection to the human spirit. Plants breathe life into light-filled spaces. The air is clean. The rooms are comfortable, inviting. Some are calm and meditative.

Others are vibrant with laughter and conversation. It is not a place of sadness. It is a place of hope.



COPY: The truth is, many of our patients are disenfranchised and are not usually given the simple respect and care that every human deserves. They are facing serious health issues, yet they have been overlooked and underserved by the system.

Luckily, they have found their way to Bailey-Boushay House, a robust living facility where the staff truly cares, and the environment nurtures each individual. Through medication management, art and music workshops, occupational and physical therapies, counseling, conversation, and structured activities, we strive to foster a sense of pride, creativity and independence in each person.

Our two programs--Adult Day Health and Residential Care—are set up to meet the complex needs of clients and residents—be they medical, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—in a way that helps them live with dignity.

At Bailey-Boushay, nothing is done to patients without their consent. They have a say in their own care and treatment. The facility is managed by Virginia Mason Medical Center, assuring clients the highest quality of care by an experienced health care provider.



COPY: In 1992, Bailey-Boushay House became America’s first skilled nursing facility designed and built to meet the needs of people dying from AIDS. Thankfully, the face of AIDS has changed. And so have we, evolving into a health-oriented facility where people can manage their illness and live in dignity.

Even those facing end-of-life experiences are given the freedom to help direct their own care. Being a licensed nursing facility, we’re able to provide palliative care, with medications that not only offer pain relief, but comfort and a better quality of life. With some 100 staff members and 150 volunteers, we are able to spend considerably more time with each individual than a typical nursing home. And since the people we hire directly affect the quality of care our patients receive, we take good care of them, as well.

As employees of Virginia Mason, our staff members enjoy the emotional benefits of working at a nonprofit facility, but are paid as hospital employees—a higher compensation than the typical social service agency.

All of which adds up to a more dedicated, committed, and nurturing environment that eases the pains of living and dying.



COPY: Our Adult Day Health program is for patients who need daily assistance but do not require full-time care. We encourage healthful and independent living in a variety of ways, one of the most important being medication management. Adherence to a medication schedule is crucial, especially when patients need to take dozens of pills a day for their treatment to be effective. Through health care services, support, and socialization, people have a chance to feel empowered and experience a higher quality of living. Program services include:

  • Art, music, activities, and outings
  • Meals, snacks, and camaraderie
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Exercise and movement classes
  • Occupational, physical, and massage therapies
  • Support for partners and family members
  • Transportation to and from the facility, errands, and appointments

We operate seven days a week, every day of the year, with flexible hours for people with special needs. Our staff includes a dietician and psychiatrist, as well as nurses, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, client advocates, and volunteers—all specifically trained to assist people living with HIV/AIDS.



COPY: Bailey-Boushay House is not your typical nursing home. It’s more like a home with nurses. Around-the-clock care is provided by highly qualified clinicians who treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis, helping residents retain as much independence as possible. As a licensed nursing facility, we serve patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, and offer end-of-life care for those with cancer and other acute illnesses, as well. 
The residence includes 35 private rooms, which can be decorated and individualized to make each patient feel more at home. Every room has a seven-foot couch for friends or family members who need a place to rest or sleep. We also have dining and living rooms, a meditation room, a greenhouse, and several solaria. Our spectrum of care includes:

  • 24-hour nursing and personal care
  • Restorative treatments
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Art, music, and socialization
  • Nutritional counseling and flexible food program
  • Mental health care

Residents, their partners, and family members may assist in creating individual treatment plans, which are constantly monitored and evaluated by a multidisciplinary team to ensure appropriate care.


INSIDE/FOURTH PANEL OVER WHERE INSERTS WILL BE PLACED ON TOP, HEADLINE: “People used to come here to die. Now they come here to get better. To go home.”


COPY: To participate in the Adult Day Health program, individuals must be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, be disabled to the point of not working, be in danger of institutionalization, need ongoing nursing care, or require medication management.

To be accepted for admission in the Residential Care program, individuals must require 24-hour skilled nursing care. Referrals can come from hospital discharge planners, case managers, caregivers, nurses, and social workers. All applications must be accompanied by a written order from a physician.

To make a referral for either the Adult Day Health or Residential Care program, call the Admissions Coordinator at (206) 322-5300.

Medicaid, health insurance, private pay and other third-party payers are possible reimbursement sources.



COPY: The dream of Bailey-Boushay House was made a reality by the generous community support of more than 6,000 donors who helped raise $6.3 million for the project. Philanthropy continues to play a crucial role in our success, as we ask people to give from their hearts and help us continue this good work. If you are interested in lending your financial support, please contact Bailey-Boushay’s Office of Development at (206) 341-1331. If you would like to volunteer your time, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (206) 720-2260.


ADDRESS/PHONE: 2720 East Madison 
Seattle, WA 98112-4738 
Phone (206) 322-5300 
Fax (206) 720-2299

DISCLAIMER: Bailey-Boushay House does not discriminate in admissions, services, or employment on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual preference, marital status, or handicap, except as permitted by law. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to people with HIV disease, promoting their health, well-being, and functional independence. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every person with HIV/AIDS in our community has equal access to positive outcomes.