I’ve been in the advertising/marketing/corporate communications business for over 20 years, and still have no gray hair! Maybe it’s because writing is really not a stress to me—it’s a joy. Or maybe I just have a good hairdresser. In any case, my last “real job” was Executive Vice President and Creative Director at DDB Worldwide in Seattle, where I worked for 14 years on major brands such as Holland America Line cruises, McDonald’s, Nordstrom, JanSport, Save the Children, Columbia Crest wines, and many more. I then traded in my corner cubicle for an office at home, where I’m free to choose which projects to take on and what clients to work for. I love marketing products or services that are somehow contributing to the good of the planet and/or its people. And I love working for clients who are strategically oriented and appreciate exciting creative ideas. Click “work” and you’ll see some samples of work I’ve done. Click “contact” and we’ll see if there’s something I can do for you.